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We are set up to give grants in two basic categories:

-- To non-profit organizations to do specified work furthering our Statement of Purpose of polyamory education and support.

-- To individuals and to other organizations who will use the grant money for their expenses to carry out specified projects furthering our Statement of Purpose. We do not pay individuals for time worked, only for expenses incurred, but we may help a nonprofit organization pay for work.

Use the application form in the link below. And of course also feel free to contact us.

We will judge applications against each other and against our available funds. Please be detailed in your budget requests. Examples of what to include might be a quote from a printer for a print job, or a quote from a venue to host a poly-community educational or support event, or travel expenses for a speaker or educator to present relevant material to an audience. (We do not pay individuals' counseling, legal, or other personal bills.)

The IRS is strict on private foundations. Individuals and organizations who receive grants will need to explain to us the expected benefits/ impacts of their project, provide a summary of what was done and the accomplishments/outcomes, and provide documentation that the funds were used as intended. You will need to inform us of any relationship you have to Polyamory Foundation directors, officers, or major donors in order for us to avoid conflict of interest. We report to the IRS on material that we're required to gather.

In choosing what to fund, we expect to give particular consideration to projects that:

● Will have benefits that are concrete, widespread, and permanent. Efficacy matters.

● Will reach marginalized or under-represented communities that have particular unfilled needs and opportunities for polyamory education, awareness, and support efforts. Representing such a community counts in your favor.

See our Grants Made page for the sorts of things we have funded so far.

Next step: Visit our grant application page.

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