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Our Board of Directors consists of several longtime polyamory activists and others who were asked by benefactors to create and run a foundation of this type. The Board's role is to administer grants per the donors' wishes within the guidelines of our Statement of Purpose, to administer and protect the Foundation and its assets, and to attract additional donations to fund activists in their projects for polyamory education and awareness and strengthening the poly community.

Our board members are: Alan MacRobert (president/clerk), known for his long-running Polyamory in the News website and other work; Valerie White (treasurer), polyfamily rights activist for more than a generation and director of the Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund; Murray Schechter, relationship speaker and polyamory educator and formerly part of the leadership of Open Love New York; Lee Hencen, noted polyamory speaker and educator for many years; Dr. Abby Hafer, science educator/author and activist in humanist organizations; and Dr. Ken Haslam, MD, polyamory activist for more than 20 years and the benefactor of the Kinsey Institute Library's Polyamory Collection archive and of Kinsey's annual CNM research fellowship award.


We give deep appreciation to the late Erez Y. Benari (1973 - 2022), former board member and our founding donor. 

Board members receive no pay or benefits, nor does the Foundation anticipate having paid staff. Our intent is to keep administrative costs as close to zero as possible.

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